Best Free Sticky Notes Utility


Stickies from Zhorn Software is easily my top pick in this catagory. It has resizable windows that can be made transparent, pinned on top, rolled up, or hidden along with all the other basic text, formatting and window control features common to this application class. Stickies also provides a plethora of advanced features that really make it shine. Some of these features include recurring reminders, multiple monitor support, skins, user definable styles, network sharing, conduits to synchronize with your Palm or Pocket PC handhelds, and a particularly nice feature allowing the notes to be attached to any window so when you reopen that window the note will popup. This means you can add notes to things like webpages. Next time you visit that page the note reappears automatically. If you're like me and generate a large number of notes, Stickies even provides a note manager allowing you to search and organize your notes.

For all you 3M loyalists there is always Post-It Software Notes Light, it is no longer officially provided at the 3M web site but I have provided an alternative download link to this classic. If you want an application with a portable version that can easily be installed I recommend StickyPad. Some folks actually prefer one of these to "Stickies" and I must admit the interfaces are very slick but I find the alarm function to be rather inflexible and I miss many of the other advanced features. They cannot, for example, handle recurring events such as birthdays or let you search your notes.

If you want to access your notes from multiple computers, extension called Internote, but alas it has not been updated to support Firefox 3.x. There are a number of other supported alternatives like Diigo but each of these have significant flaws that prevent me from recommending them. Diigo for example saves all highlights locally in PREFS.JS. This might not sound like a big deal, however, after adding enough to prefs.js, I found Firefox experiences a significant performance slowdown.


Post-It Software Notes Light

Sticky Pad

  • Elegant interface. No special installation instructions for portable install.
  • Simple function set, limited alarm and reminder functions.
  • Vista/XP/2000/Server 2003/ 95/98/ME /NT 4.0 SP6


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